My journey in Ireland

Who I am ?

Hello, my name is Clément LONGIN and I am a 3rd year student at the IIM (Institut de l’internet et du multimédia) specialized in digital communication and e-business. I chose this specialization because it allowed me to stay in 2 areas that I love, the world of digital, but also the world of marketing. The IIM allows students to spend their 3rd year of study abroad, in different partner universities. It was without hesitation that I seized this incredible opportunity to study in a foreign country, in my case Ireland.
Going abroad means discovering another culture, another country. My choice to study in Ireland was motivated by two reasons. The first is that Ireland is an English-speaking country. It was an opportunity for me to improve my English thanks to this immersion. The second is that the headquarters of the GAFAM are in Ireland and more precisely in Dublin. A golden opportunity for me as a digital student to be able to work for these prestigious companies!


The big departure takes place on Saturday, August 24th from Beauvais airport, let’s go for the adventure! Florent, my future roommate, is on the same plane as me. After about an hour and a half of flight, we land in Dublin. We collect our luggage, then we jump in a taxi towards our residence in the southwest of Dublin, in the Rialto district.
The first few days in Dublin are an opportunity for me and Florent to visit Dublin and get started. For reasons of economy and speed, we use DublinBikes. What is really nice about Dublin is that it is suitable for cyclists. There are bike paths on all roads (or rather bus lanes that also serve as bike paths), which makes cycling much safer and easier. To give you an idea, bicycles allow us to get to Dorset College in 25 minutes and Temple Bar in 15 minutes. (Image google maps). Our first evenings are also an opportunity to discover a Dublin speciality, Guinness.


The first week at Dorset College was punctuated by English lessons, but above all by numerous outings organised by Dorset College as part of an integration week. We had the opportunity to visit the Dublin Museum of Archaeology and the Irish Emigration Museum. The week ends on a beautiful note with a trip to Northern Ireland.
These first few weeks are also an opportunity for us to make friends with a group of French students who are also studying at Dorset College, and to often meet at Foggy Dew to relax.
On our side with Florent, we take advantage of our free time after school to play sports in a gym not far from our residence. Weekends are an opportunity for us to take time to visit the famous Phoenix Park, the Botanical Garden and the surrounding area, such as North Bull Island.
As Dorset College organises monthly trips, this is a new opportunity for us to travel to Ireland, to the west of Ireland.

Internship objective

In our curriculum, it is mandatory to do a 6-month internship. My goal is to find an internship in Ireland to extend the immersion and thereby bring my level of English to an advanced professional level. The beginning of October is an opportunity for me to do my first trade show, in South Dublin, GradIreland. These fairs are the ideal opportunity to find an internship, but also to establish links with professionals. That’s why I repeated the experience twice, first at JobsExpo and then at Upstarter. Unfortunately, despite these 3 shows, I did not find an internship that suited me in Ireland.


In November, I was lucky enough to have a visit to Ireland. First, it was my grandmother and sister who came for a few days. We visited the former Trinity College Book of Kells library. Shortly afterwards, two French friends also came to Dublin to visit me. I was able to show them the city and many bars. I also took advantage of their visit to visit the Jameson distillery.

And after ?

This experience in Ireland was really enriching for me. This semester has allowed me to improve my fluent and professional English. I hope to be able to go back abroad for my 6-month internship, as I enjoyed this experience so much. I am targeting England (especially London) or the USA, to continue to professionalize my English. If I can give you any advice after this semester abroad, it is to get out of your comfort zone. It is when you leave it that you will have unforgettable experiences.